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Academic writing. Writing a report


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A report is a summary of the content of a scientific work or works of specialists on a selected topic, a review of the literature of a certain direction. Such a review should give the reader an idea of the current state of the science problem, including a comparison of specialists' points of view, and be accompanied by his own assessment of their reliability and credibility.

The report is often used in the learning process of a course of study, mainly in workshops.
Performing this type of work helps students develop skills of independent scientific activity, improve their theoretical and professional training, and better mastery of educational material.
Everywhere, we encounter an audience. It can be schoolchildren, students, colleagues, and scientists. You have to speak to them. What do we need to know for that, and what recommendations should we use?
One of the main points in writing this report is the choice of topic.

Stages of our presentation

1.The choice of the topic
You should be guided by the relevance of the topic, novelty, relevance, degree of development of the problem, goals and objectives of the report.
2. Have you developed a plan for the presentation?
Is there a logical sequence of the author's thought?
Are there any conclusions with a clear fixation of the main and the new? How do they sum up the performance?
3. What is the purpose of your speech?
The purpose of the speech is: to inform the listeners about something, to explain them something, to discuss some questions.
4. Your target audience.
I have prepared a report and speak to pupils, colleagues, friends, clients. The compleand clients.the report also depends on it.
5. What is the subject of my speech?
I mean to take something as a basis, for example, an overview of a problem, its analysis, forecast, result, recommendations.
6. What is the relevance of the report?
Why I chose this topic, why I need to talk about it today, why it should be listened to.
7. What is the novelty of the topic?
The novelty characterizes how new the content of the speech is in comparison with its existing analogues.
The criteria of novelty are: type of novelty (practical and theoretical novelty), level of concretization, level of addition, level of transformation.
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